Ann-Christin Goertz

I started practicing Anusara® Yoga as a student of Dance Studies (in Berlin) in 2010. After 20 years of dancing, yoga finally offered me the freedom in and with my body I have always longed for. The practice slowly brought me back to my intuition; a profound wisdom that allows me to soften and to let go of perfection, to do-lists and outside opinions. I started teaching in 2014, I’m a Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher (RYT500) now and I was also trained as a MaYoga Pre- & Postnatal Teacher (RPYT) in 2021. Anusara® Yoga helps bring philosophical and psychological themes into the body. It creates a connection to your inner wisdom which helps you align with your true nature as a woman and as a mother. An intelligent set of alignment principles supports you during your yoga practice and allows a healthy and happy movement practice up to giving birth and soon after.

I live in Berlin, Pankow with my two daughters (*2017/ *2020) and my husband.

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