Diana Hundius, Body therapist & Doula

Hello, I am Diana Hundius, holistic body therapist, doula (pregnancy and birth companion) and, last but not least, mother of two sons.

Between 2001 and 2012 my journey took me to Barcelona, ​​where I was fortunate enough to get to know holistic body therapy according to the Mézières method and to train myself in this effective way of working.

I experienced my first pregnancy in the middle of this three-year body therapy training, which gave me the valuable opportunity to enjoy my body changes and the birth experience, particularly consciously, in contact with my body and my baby.

I was so moved by the topic of birth that I also trained as a doula (pregnancy and birth companion).

Since then, it has been my heart’s desire to pass on these experiences, which are so valuable to me, and to strengthen pregnant women holistically – both physically and emotionally – so that they can consciously enjoy their pregnancies and raise their children, as they wish, in a self-determined and fear-free manner can bring the world. With this in mind, I am pleased to offer you three-hour body-oriented birth preparation Workshops here in the midwifery practice.